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We offer impactful composting programs to help you achieve your sustainability goals.
We service a range of industries including offices, restaurants, event centers, and medical and higher education campuses.
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Service Includes
Our team will match you with compost services that meet your business needs.
A container type and quantity that matches the size of your business needs.
Compost created by your business is shared with local farms and community gardens.
A monthly impact report that helps you measure and share your sustainability efforts.
A dedicated Support Team who can be contacted via text, email or phone.
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Service Benefits

Clean, reliable, easy-to-launch composting that requires no additional work for cleaning staff or property management.
A highly visible, eco-friendly program that broadens your sustainability portfolio and environmental impact.
All compostables, including meats, dairy, and compostable serviceware, are accepted making it easy to participate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service offices?

We do indeed! Our office program is best suited for offices with less than 250 employees. We’d love to help make your office compostable. Please fill out this form, and one of our Composting Program Managers will talk with you more about setting up a successful composting program that is tailored to the needs of your office or work space.

What happens to the compostables you collect?

The compostables we collect are processed at the facility of one of our commercial composting partners where they turn your compostables into nutrient-rich compost.

The amazing commercial composting partners that we work with in our service areas are:
Brooks Contractor (The Triangle, NC)
Danny’s Dumpster (Asheville, NC)
Athens-Clarke County (Atlanta, Georgia)
McGill-Bee’s Ferry (Charleston, SC)
GoZERO Services (Cincinnati, Ohio)
CompostNow GA Compost Facility (Atlanta, Georgia)  

Because of their efforts, we are able to close the nutrient-loop and build healthy soils in our communities! Learn more about our commercial composting partners: Where does my earned compost come from?

I'd like to make my business more compostable by using compostable serviceware!

You’re in luck! We are wholesale distributors of a variety of BPI-certified compostable serviceware. Please submit the form on our Product Page and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Interested in compostable products?

CompostNow has a full product catalog that includes compostable utensils, cups, plates, bowls and more. You can trust that all products we sell are certified compostable and accepted by CompostNow.
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