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Our focus is people, process, and purpose.
We dedicate our time and resources to connecting with your community and learning about its unique needs and goals.

Our process is backed by more than a decade of work and industry leading talent, operations, and technology. We believe successful compost programs are an investment in your community’s health and future and require expert planning and support.
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We offer a range of services, including:
Planning, piloting, and implementing residential and commercial collection of food waste.
Grinding and processing of yard waste.
Composting food waste at an industrial scale.
Collecting and sharing impactful program data.
Distributing high-quality, finished compost to urban agriculturists in your community.
Pre-program engagement, outreach, and education for residents and businesses.
The benefits of composting in your city or county.
Waste diversion is a way to work towards your sustainability and public health goals.
As an industry, composting creates more jobs than landfilling and incinerating garbage.
Investing in a compost program is an investment in your local agriculture and decreases reliance on chemical fertilizers.
Diverting food scraps from your local landfill will increase its lifespan and improve your solid waste handling operations.
See what our public partners have to say about us.
“CompostNow has proven to be a capable partner in compost processing here in Douglas County GA for the past five years. They have a knowledgeable and dedicated team that has worked hard to create a highly efficient system. Their work has been an asset to our community through supplying nutrient rich compost to local farms and gardens and keeping this valuable resource out of our landfills.”
Ron Roberts
Planning and Zoning Manager, Douglas County, Georgia
"Here at Athens-Clarke County we pride ourselves in diverting food scraps from the landfill to create healthy soil. It is necessary for us to have a clean feedstock in order to do that. CompostNow has been a great partner in delivering the cleanest feedstock to our facility ensuring we create a high quality end product that helps our environment." 
Suki Janssen
Solid Waste Department Director, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you currently have public-private partnerships?

Yes! We currently work in some capacity with most of the municipalities we operate in, and our level of engagement ranges in programs and services.

We pride ourselves on being capable service partners in all areas of composting. From education and outreach to data tracking and sharing to the operational execution of hauling and processing food waste, we can be your partner in any or all areas.

You can find examples of how we have supported community composting efforts in this blog post, and in our Annual Impact Report.

We have a yard waste composting program, can we upgrade this to include food waste?

Yes!  If you already have a yard waste collection and composting program, this can be a great starting point for future food waste composting programs and services. We can work with you to understand your current program assets and design a phased approach toward food waste composting.

We need to make changes to our policy and zoning regulations in regards to composting, can you help?

Yes! We are actively engaged with a diverse group of stakeholders on industry-leading policy work. We believe that to make industrial composting viable and successful, a common understanding for composting is needed at all levels.

We have over a decade of industry experience and will work with your local and state regulatory agencies to create a shared language that benefits all stakeholders and brings composting out of a historical grey area.

How can we fund a municipal compost program?

We have experience in all aspects of planning, piloting, and implementing residential and commercial composting services including how to fund these services. 

In addition, there are grant opportunities for compost related work, from research and planning to infrastructure and services. We are regularly tracking available grant opportunities and are happy to engage with your community around those as they become available. 

Do you offer tours of your operations?

Yes, we do! Feel free to reach out to us for more information regarding tours of our current operations. Tours can be a great way to better understand all that goes into these services and the tremendous impact this work can have on your community.

Processing at Scale

Georgia Compost Facility

Processing can be a large barrier to a successful organics recycling program. Our facility has supported the growth of our collection business in Atlanta, and processes 200 tons of food scraps each month that would otherwise be sent to landfills.
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Compost windrows at the facility