Yes! Compost these items:

All food scraps (fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and chicken/fish bones)
Pasta, bread, cereal
Cooked foods
Egg shells
Coffee grounds and filters
Paper towels and paper towel rolls
Soiled paper food packaging (non-glossy or shiny)
Pizza boxes
Muffin wrappers
Paper plates (non-glossy or shiny)
Candies, cookies, and cake
Baking ingredients, herbs, spices
Household plants including soil
100% cotton cheesecloth
Pet food
Items labeled BPI Certified Compostable
Please note: CompostNow can accept these items because we process our compost at industrial scale facilities, using aerobic windrow piles.

No! Do not compost these items:

Aluminum foil
Clams, oysters, mussels (basically rocks)
Candles, synthetic corks and gum
Artificial flowers and plants
Rugs, carpets
Cigarette butts, tobacco
Dental floss and Q-tips
Baby wipes or diapers
Disposable mop sheets
Dryer lint sheets
Vacuum cleaner bags
Hair, pet fur, pet waste
Dead animals
Fireplace or BBQ ashes
Recyclable materials
Items labeled biodegradable (meaningless)
Items labeled Oxo-Biodegradable