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A trusted, convenient source of compostable products.
We offer a full product catalog of compostable utensils, cups, plates, bowls, and more. You can trust that all products we sell are certified compostable and accepted by our service.
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Why use compostable products for your business?
For your customers. More consumers are seeking businesses that align with their values. The majority of consumers surveyed are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.
For your employees. 75% of Millennials surveyed said they take a smaller salary to work at a business that is more aligned with their values.
For your community. Choosing compostable products over plastic and styrofoam helps fight climate change by reducing the microplastics and fossil fuels going into our landfills and, if composted properly, they can also contribute to creating nutrient-rich soils!
Let us be your trusted expert on all things compostable.
Our team will match you with products and pricing that meet your business needs.
One reliable place for all your compostable product and compost service needs.
FREE next day, hand delivery on orders.
Easy, online ordering with a broad catalog of compostable products. Grant access to employees who place orders and manage stock control.
We will be your dedicated account manager and supply chain partner by doing the work behind the scenes to make sure you stay compostable.
All products in our catalog are 100% certified compostable so you don’t have to waste time sifting through misleading labels and online retailers.
Our strong relationships with the top manufacturers of compostables ensure our customers receive high-quality products at competitive prices.
Your experience is our priority.
Let us be your trusted source for all things compostable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order compostable products for my event or wedding?

Most of our cases of compostable products contain anywhere between 500 and 1,000 items, so depending on how many people will be at your event, it might not be a great fit for you. If you would like more information about ordering compostable products from us, please reach out to!

For smaller quantities, we recommend ordering directly from the EcoProducts or Vegware websites.

How do I see pricing and purchase compostable products from CompostNow?

Thank you so much for your interest in our compostable products! If you would like to set up a new account for your office, business, or restaurant and haven’t ordered from us in the past, please fill out this form so we can learn more about your business and the products you’re interested in!

Are there benefits to using compostable packaging if it is going to the landfill vs. a composting facility?

While the ultimate goal of using compostable products and packaging is, of course, for it to turn into compost, we know that isn’t always an option for everyone. There are still many benefits to using compostables!

By using compostable products, you ensure that less plastic is being made out of harmful chemicals that are created using gas, oil, and coal. Plastic that does not break down harms our wildlife and the environment; while sugarcane and PLA (which the material for many compostable products) are made from the excess of sugarcane and corn production, which are renewable resources that quickly break down and do not leach chemicals into our oceans and soils. When you use compostable products, you are also sending a message to your customers and supporters that you care about sustainability and the future of our planet!

The best way to ensure your compostable products are being properly turned into nutrient-rich soil after their use is to sign up with CompostNow’s commercial composting services. Get in touch with us to get started!