Create a future without food waste, one scrap at a time.

The easiest way for homes and businesses to turn food scraps into nutrient rich compost.
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We make composting easy and clean.

1. You throw your food scraps in the container we provide.
2. We pick it up, and swap it out with a clean container.
3. We give you compost or share it with garden partners.
4. Together, we nourish the planet with nutrient rich soil.

Convenient composting for every type of kitchen.

We offer weekly and bi-weekly pick-up services at your doorstep, or drop-off stations in select communities.
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“CompostNow is a great company! The site is easy to use and the pickups are very reliable. I love seeing my impact reports and decreasing my garbage volume.”
Paige D.
We offer composting services for your office or small business. This service is best suited for offices between 25 to 250 employees.
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“I'm proud to work for a company that is conscious of its eco-footprint. This service helps me take sustainability actions on a daily basis... in a super easy way.”
Stephanie S.
We service a range of industries including offices, restaurants, coffee shops, event centers, and medical and higher education campuses.
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“CompostNow has been a partner to develop, implement, and improve our compost programs at Red Hat Tower. Their reporting has proved quite beneficial in growing pride and excitement in the program as well as celebrating our environmental impact.”
Red Hat
Plants, animals, people – we all rely on soil for our survival. Unfortunately, nutrient loss and erosion mean that our soil is becoming dependent on industrial fertilizers and harsh pesticides.
In addition to solving the problem of nutrient loss in our soils, composting creates local jobs, combats climate change, and supports healthy food systems for future generations.
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Closing the Loop

We support sustainable, local, chemical-free food.

With our Garden Partners program, members have the option to share their earned compost with local farms and gardens, who create equitable access to healthy food in our communities.
Closing the Loop

We support sustainable, local, chemical-free food.

With our Garden Partners program, members have the option to share their earned compost with local farms and gardens, who create equitable access to healthy food in our communities.
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One small act can make a big difference.
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Thousands of homes and businesses trust CompostNow.

“This is an amazing service.  Putting out our food waste and getting clean bins back is just the beginning of why CompostNow is so awesome. We can get compost back for our garden in the spring OR send it to a local farm!”
Rebecca C.
“We used CompostNow for two years while living in an apartment in Atlanta. Their online platform was super easy to use. Easy to cancel a pickup, change pickup locations, order a fresh bag of compost, etc. This is the future. And it's here now!”
John M.
“It's so worth the money to just put all my waste in a bin and get compost delivered when I need it and not have a smelly, insect filled mess in my backyard. 10/10 suggest trying CompostNow if you want to help the environment while truly doing no extra work.”
Kera S.
Build healthy soils.
Reduce emissions.
Create local jobs.
Support your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to worry about smells or odor from the bins?

This is a common concern, however we’ve designed our service to prevent that. Our bins come with airtight lids so no smell will come through. Also, we deliver a fresh, clean bin each week!

How much of my household waste can I compost?

You’d be surprised! About 60% of your waste stream (after recyclables are removed) is compostable, and you’d be shocked at just how much! Because we accept harder-to-compost materials like meat, dairy, bones, and compostable plastics, our bins fill up pretty quickly. We encourage you to give our two-week free trial a go and if you still think it’s not a good fit, you can cancel at any time!

What if I don't need my finished compost?

Good news, you can choose the way you close the loop! Members have the option to request their earned compost, or share it with a local farm or garden through our Garden Partners program. Sharing earned compost is a great way to invest your community and support the urban agriculturalists providing access to local, healthy, equitable food.

For businesses composting with us, your earned compost is shared with community gardens.

More questions? Check out our Help Center.
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CompostNow is a B Corp

Rooted at the intersection of healthy people and healthy planet.

Our mission is to rebuild the health of our soil by diverting waste from landfills and use it to create compost for our communities, and we are committed to using business as a force for good. Check out our B Corp Profile or learn more about our B Corp Journey.