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Easy, clean composting.
Our services were designed for homes and apartments. Check out our most popular service options below.
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Creating a more sustainable world is simpler than taking out the trash.

Pick-up (Bi-weekly, 1 bin)

Best for apartments of 1
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  • 1 clean 4-gallon bin.
  • Serviced every-other-week.
  • Earn compost for your garden or share with local partners.
  • Our list of compostables includes meat and dairy!
    Access to our Help Center and support team.
    Helpful text reminders.

Pick-up (Weekly, 2 bins)

Best for households of 4+
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  • 2 clean 4-gallon bins.
  • Serviced every week.
  • Earn compost for your garden or share with local partners.
    Our list of compostables includes meat and dairy!
  • Access to our Help Center and support team.
  • Helpful text reminders.
Please note that service options vary by location. See our list of service areas below.

We make composting easy and clean.

1. You throw your food scraps in the container that we provide.
2. We pick it up, and swap it out with a clean container.
3. We give you compost or share it with local garden partners.
4. Together, we nourish the planet with nutrient rich soil.

Just when you thought composting couldn't get easier.

Never forget a service with helpful text reminders.
Change your plan online with ease. Set skips, pauses or cancels anytime!
Receive updated real-time impact after every pickup.
Get a free magnet showing what you can and can’t compost.

Current Service Areas

Don’t see your city? ut our Community Composter map.
Atlanta, Georgia
Cincinnati, Ohio
Raleigh–Durham, North Carolina
Asheville, North Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina

Over 10,000 households love using CompostNow!

“We've been using CompostNow for almost a year and love it! They make it so easy to cut down on what we're putting into the landfill - especially since we live in an apartment. Highly recommend this service at such a reasonable price!”
Emily V.
“I used to maintain my own compost pile but CompostNow makes the process so much easier. I love that I can adjust the number of bins and the pick-up schedule to suit my needs. I’ve got hundreds of pounds of compost “in the bank” and can have it delivered to my home or donate it. Highly recommend it!”
Meribeth D.
“An outstanding and meticulously run service that makes home composting so easy and even rewarding (with compost delivered back when needed for our garden). The weekly clean, compostable bagged containers keeps our kitchen clean and green!”
Christopher P.
Closing the Loop

We support sustainable, local, chemical-free food.

With our Garden Partners program, members have the option to share their earned compost with local urban agriculturists. These local farms and gardens create equitable access to healthy food in our communities, and providing them with great soil is at the core of our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't fill a bin every week?

You’d be surprised! About 60% of your waste is compostable, and you’d be shocked at just how much you can compost! Because we accept harder-to-compost materials like meat, dairy, bones, and compostable plastics, our bins fill up pretty quickly.

We encourage you to give our two-week free trial a go and if you still think it’s not a good fit, you can cancel at any time!

I live in a gated community/apartment building. How will collections work?

As long as our drivers are able to access your building, we can service your apartment or gated community! Some members provide us with a gate/access code. If a FOB or a key is needed to access your front door, we can work out a designated drop-off spot in a common area of your building.

We can leave your bins in a parking garage, with a concierge, in a lobby - it is truly dependent upon your individual building's needs. Once we figure out where we will be servicing your bins, we then add this information to your member record for our drivers to see each week.

Do I have to worry about smells or odor from the bins?

This is a common concern, however we’ve designed our service to prevent that. Our bins come with airtight lids so no smell will come through. Also, we deliver a fresh, clean bin each week!

Psst: Our weekly pick-up is our most loved service.

Trust us, you'll fill that bin faster than you think.

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