Compost containers outside.
A clean program design for urban, residential dwellings.
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We make it easy to offer a sustainable amenity.
For Tenants and Property Management
Whether you live in a building, or own a multi-unit property, we make it clean and easy to implement a sustainable, zero waste service program.
Popular Amenity
An eco-friendly amenity that broadens your sustainability portfolio and helps you acheive impact or LEED goals.
Easy Participation
All compostables, including meat, dairy, and compostable service-ware are accepted.
Services Include
A container type and quantity that matches your business needs.
A service schedule that works around your operational hours.
We accept all compostables, including BPI certified compostable products.
A friendly and dedicated commercial support team that can be reached via text, call, or email.
Impact report.
Impactful reports that help you reach your sustainability goals.
Data from your monthly reports can be used for popular certifications like B Corp, LEED Certification, and other programs that require reduction of green house gas emissions.
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Closing the Loop

We support sustainable, local, chemical-free food.

With our Garden Partners program, members have the option to share their earned compost with local farms and gardens, who create equitable access to healthy food in our communities.
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Interested in compostable products?

CompostNow has a full product catalog that includes compostable utensils, cups, plates, bowls and more. You can trust that all products we sell are certified compostable and accepted by CompostNow in our collection service.
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