Event Compost Services
An easy way to host a sustainable event.
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Services Include
A free estimate based on the size of your event when you fill out the form below.
A container type and quantity that matches the needs of your event.
We accept all compostables, including BPI certified compostable products.
A friendly and dedicated commercial support team that can be reached via text, call, or email.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does event composting work?

It’s easy! After you fill out this form with your event’s details, our Support team will be in touch with an estimate based on the size of your event. From there, we drop off the appropriate number of carts in a location specified by you before your event. When your event is over and the carts have been filled with your compostables, simply roll the carts back to their drop-off location, and we’ll stop by to collect them!

What can we compost with CompostNow?

More than you’d expect! Because we use commercial composting facilities, we’re able to collect the “harder-to-compost” items like meat, dairy, bones, and BPI-certified compostable serviceware. You can check out this page for a detailed list of what we can and cannot accept!

What do event containers look like?

Based on what you’ll be composting at your event, we offer 35-gallon and 65-gallon rolling carts. Our 35-gallon carts are to be used for heavy, pre-consumer compostables like food prep. Our 65-gallon carts are to be used for fluffier. post-consumer compostables like compostable food packaging and food residuals. Our support team will recommend the appropriate size cart in your free estimate!

Can I purchase compostable products through CompostNow for my event?

Because we only sell compostable products in bulk (1,000 units/case), we recommend purchasing your BPI-certified compostable products online via Eco-Products in the quantities you need for smaller events. For larger and recurring events, please reach out to our product team at orders@compostnow.org for details!