Georgia Compost Facility

Since 2017, this facility has supported the growth of our collection business in Atlanta, and processes 200 tons of food scraps each month.
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Born out of the vision to create a medium-scale, on-farm composting facility in GA, to rebuild soil health and create an educational center, we started our 5-acre turned windrow facility in 2017 in Douglas County on a 70-acre fruit farm owned by King of Pops. This facility has supported the growth of our collection business in Atlanta and processes 200 tons of food scraps each month that would otherwise go to landfills, creating environmental challenges for our communities.

With limited options for commercial composting in GA, this facility has been critical in the effort to keep food scraps out of landfills and building healthy soils. It has also served as an example and model facility for the EPD composting rule change in 2017 that supported small to medium-scale community composting in GA. Countless facility tours have been conducted for schools, universities, organizations of all sizes, elected officials, extension agents, and farmers.


The vision for this facility is for it to be an exceptional example of a small to medium-sized on-farm compost operation and is permitted as such by the EPD as a Class 2 Permit By Rule Composting Operation. From day one, we have operated with certified and trained management and include the community in learning about the process of composting and the importance of it for soil health and environmental health.

It's a remarkable process to see what many think of as “garbage” turn into nutrient-rich compost in a matter of months. Closing the food system loop is our mission, and our facility allows us to share a high-quality finished compost with farms and gardens to enrich soils. Through our Garden Partner Program, millions of pounds of finished compost are donated annually to local farms and community gardens.
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